Cyclists/ Hiker

For cyclists we have the local routes 87 and 88 laminated, there is also route 401. All routes start (and end) by Daler church.

The Royal March Route: Cycle Route 401 more information on:


We are now a "Bike-friend camping", so cyclists are very welcome.

In the event of a breakdown, we have a toolbox with auxiliary materials.


Right foto made by: Marskstien Ulrik_Pedersen_Tondermarsken_juni_19_18-1536x1024

There is also plenty of walking in the area for walkers.

Fx, in Tønder we have a number of walking routes (In Danish = sti, plural = stien) from the main square, Torvet,  from 1.8 km to 21 km.

With us at Daler camping you will find the route description of the various walks in Tonder.


  • More information:
  • The Marsh Trail weaves its way through Denmark’s largest area of marshland, Tøndermarsken.
  • The 54-kilometre hiking trail takes you to see every corner of Tøndermarsken, including the marsh towns and the very special marsh landscape.
  • At first glance, the natural environment here seems bleak and untamed but it was designed meticulously – formed by the lives of local people who worked with and against the water.
  • When you walk the Marsh Trail, you feel the wind on your face and observe a flat landscape with dykes and birds as far as the eye can see.
  • The marsh experience varies from day to day depending on the weather.


“Our most important attraction is the sky.”

– A local inhabitant of Tøndermarsken