UPDATE October 2022: Prices current subject to change !!

As you know, it is incredibly difficult to predict in the future especially in these times. The current price regulation is based on the current price development and unless there is a further, notable increase, no require further adjustments. The electricity price for daily electricity is DKK 45 day, advice from the Danish DCU is 46 DKK/day.




MobilePay is only for Danish guests.

MobilePay er kun for Danskere. 

We prefer contant in Danish kroner but as a service to you we also take Euro's.

When paying with euro's, please pay attention to the rate we have calculated and / or maybe extra costs. You can not use a creditcard by us on the campsite.

Price per person per night (p.p.p.n.):                                           


Child 0-1 years:                            FREE                                                              

Child 2-15 years:                          35 dkk

Adults from 16 year:                   75 dkk                                                          

Pet:                                                 FREE  

Environmental tax:                     10 dkk    


Electricity/Power, per night.

If you com eafter 3 p.m. and leave before 11 a.m., then you pay 45 dkk pro night. If you come earlier or leave later you must pay 45 dkk extra.

Because people use more power in fall and winter do we use a powercounter from october 1st. 2022 until april 1st. 2023.

                                                                                Prices current subject to change !!                                        

Electricity when you use a powercounter:     6 dkk per kWh and 10,00 dkk per day for hiring

                                                              the powercounter


Electricity:                                                  45 dkk per night this price is from april 2nd until 30 september 2023.

We hope for your understanding.             


Filling the water tank.

We ask 75 dkk for filling your water tank of the camper / caravan.