UPDATE MAY 2022: As you know, it is incredibly difficult to predict in the future especially in these times. The current price regulation is based on the current price development and unless there is a further, notable increase, no require further adjustments. The electricity price for daily electricity is DKK 45 day, advice from the Danish DCU is 46 DKK/day.




MobilePay is only for Danish guests.

MobilePay er kun for Danskere. 

We prefer contant in Danish kroner but as a service to you we also take Euro's.

When paying with euro's, please pay attention to the rate we have calculated and / or maybe extra costs. You can not use a creditcard by us on the campsite.

Price per person per night (p.p.p.n.):                                           


Child 0-1 years:                            FREE                                                              

Child 2-15 years:                          35 dkk

Adults from 16 year:                   75 dkk                                                          

Pet:                                                 FREE  

Environmental tax:                     10 dkk    


Electricity/Power, per night.

If you com eafter 3 p.m. and leave before 11 a.m., then you pay 45 dkk pro night. If you come earlier or leave later you must pay 45 dkk extra.


Electricity when you use a powercounter:     6 dkk per kWh and 10,00 dkk per day for hiring                                                                                       the powercounter


Electricity:                                                             45 dkk per night                                   


Filling the water tank.

We ask 75 dkk for filling your water tank of the camper / caravan.